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Xian R. Brooks, MPH

Practice by way of Lived Experience

I am a DONA International trained doula (Not seeking certification! Find out why.), intersectional public health professional and movement scientist. I completed my BS in public health education at North Carolina Central University and my MPH in community and behavioral health and University of Colorado, Denver. Over time I have amassed experience in queer, trans & non-binary/gender non-conforming reproductive health education.

My training has equipped me to understand root causes for maternal death rates among Black women and how race, gender, sexual orientation & class are not mutually exclusive when it comes to health disparities. But my lived experience recognizes that health disparities are more than numbers. I am currently working towards becoming a nurse midwife. Representation in healthcare is extremely important to me and I firmly believe it is necessary to overcoming negative health outcomes and revolutionizing healthcare.​

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What is a Doula?

Strength through Connection

A doula is a professional that is trained to provide emotional, comfort, and advocacy support for persons giving birth and their families. The work of doulas is rooted in Blackness and African diasporic communities as part of the overall care that we provide for each other.

The presence of doulas have been shown to improve birthing outcomes, especially for Black and Brown birthing parents and their babies (see resource for data!).

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The Birth of Dandy Doula

In 2008 I moved from San Diego, California to Durham, North Carolina. The differences in trans centered reproductive and general healthcare were like night and day. When I had my first primary care (PCP) appointment, not only was I mis-gendered in the waiting room but the doctor informed me that the clinic was for “normal, regular patients in the neighborhood.”

From that day forward, I have been committed to being a direct care provider for those of us that have been disrespected and or discriminated against by the healthcare system based on: race, ethnicity, gender identity, size, immigration status, disability, class, sexuality, and or education. Dandy Doula Birthing Services, LLC was started in 2020. Providing doula services is, but the first step of an overarching plan to revolutionize reproductive healthcare for all, shifting outcomes.

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A Promise

In working with the Dandy Doula Birthing Services, you have the following guarantees:

  • Birth support for folks with all bodies, specifically Black, Brown, trans, disabled, gender non-conforming, fat bodies

  • Use of intersectional and anti-racist framework as foundation of practice

  • Honor that people and communities are the experts of their own bodies

  • Center you and your family in all services provided

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